AASNet - Electronic discussion group


How to join AASNet-the AAS discussion group


To join the list, or to amend your details, follow the instructions on http://mailman.anu.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/aasnet


You will receive a message from the list processor to the effect that AASNet subscriptions not automatic, and that your request has been forwarded to the list owners for consideration. Almost everyone will be put on the list without any hitch.


Once your name is added by the owners, you will receive a message from the list processor which will tell you, in somewhat stilted prose, that you are successfully subscribed. It will also give you a list of useful commands, including those you will need to unsubscribe. So, save that message and keep it for future reference.


Thereafter you will receive messages posted to the list. You can send messages to the list simply by sending your message to: aasnet@anu.edu.au


Note, though, that if you use the "reply" function on your system to respond to message, your message will not go to the list, but only to the sender of the message you are responding to.


If you have any difficulties please contact: the list owner


Postings to AASNet since September 2003, concerning the relationship between AAS and the wider profession in Australia, can be viewed on this website, or downloaded in pdf format.


This service is provided by the AAS so that persons with an interest in anthropology may exchange information and ideas of professional relevance. Membership of the list is at the discretion of the AAS. The service is not moderated and the AAS takes no responsibility for and does not endorse the contents of postings.  The service is not to be used for commercial purposes or derogatory personal criticism, and subscribers are reminded that they must not post material that is defamatory, in breach of copyright or otherwise illegal.