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The AAS Stands with Yuendumu

In the wake of the police shooting of Kumunjayi Walker, the AAS stands in solidarity with Yuendumu community and the pursuit of justice for Kumunjayi. We grieve with the Warlpiri families, who have lost a son, grandson, great-grandson, nephew, cousin and partner. We heed the voices, perspectives and leadership from Warlpiri communities, their analyses of the situation and the conditions from which it arose, and their recommendations for change.

Please consider donating to the Justice for Walker fundraising campaign

The AAS is working on an initiative to bring anthropological perspectives to bear on the wider issues highlighted by the Yuendumu shooting and will announce the specifics of this in due course. In the meantime, individuals can support the community by donating to the Justice for Walker fundraising campaign (for legal costs). On this page you will also find a media statement on the latest developments and meetings with lawyers at Yuendumu.

Below is a (working) list of sources on the incident - all members are encouraged to email Jo at with suggestions for additions to this list:

Some other somewhat related sources of information:

Top left photo courtesy of Joanne Thurman
Top right photo courtesy of Yasmine Musharbash