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Anthropology Day

Anthropology Day is a day for anthropologists to celebrate our discipline while sharing it with the world around us. The AAS celebrates Anthropology Day in February (in line with the AAA)

For the 2020 Anthropology Day (which was 20 February) we celebrated by announcing a "What is Anthropology" Instagram Video Competition. We asked for videos that tell the world what anthropology is in 60 seconds or less and offered three prizes: the People's Choice Award, the ANSA Executive Award and the AAS Presidents' Award.

We are extremely delighted to be able to share the winning entries on our website. We say a huge congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to all the participants for a varied and inspiring array of answers to the question: what is anthropology?

People's Choice Award

After all the likes and comments were tallied for all the entries (excluding the contestants’ own), the clear winner of the People's Choice Award was @otis_makers for their beautiful and thoughtful reflection on the multiple voices (community and researchers) that inform anthropological storytelling. Congratulations to all involved!

from the film makers

A big shout out to our family of otis makers! For us, anthropology is about learning the self & how we are together. We asked our otis makers what anthropology is for them so we could share our stories to create a collective answer. As Instagram is iconically the home of the selfie, we answered in “moving selfie” form. We are endlessly thankful to our crew & their sense of play in an increasingly broken world. This is what the best kind of anthropology is to us. This project was directed by otis curators Victoria Baskin Coffey & Sebastian J. Lowe

otis makers in order of appearance
Victoria Baskin Coffey, Visual Anthropologist
Sarah Pini, Anthropologist
Simon Eastwood, Composer 
Fiona Wirrer - George Oochunyung, Cultural Creativity Scholar 
Sebastian J. Lowe, Musical Anthropologist 
Jay Grice, Anthropologist 
Felipe Roa, Visual Anthropologist 
Hannah Rose Robinson, Photographer 
Jessica Kahukura, Artist 
Jasmin Günther, Cultural Anthropologist 
Agnes Mek, Social Scientist

ANSA Executive Award

The ANSA Executive Award went to the video by Alicia Wheatley @thestoriesinbetween. Hanne, Leela and Bronwyn said, 'Beautiful script, and visuals. Great summary of anthropology, and beautiful message: "Anthropology is bearing witnesses to the complexity of the human experience, the interplay between mental and physical landscapes”'. Congratulations to Alicia Wheatley!

from the film maker

Anthropology allows me to hold all of life a little bit closer. It provides me with a delicious blend of critical thinking, deep compassion and hope. Thank you to the AAS for this challenge of answering this multifaceted question in under one minute! All footage from this video was made during fieldwork with @sailcargo and @astilleroverde on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Gracias a todos!”

AAS Presidents' Award

The AAS President's Award, selected by a vote of the members of the Australian Anthropological Society Executive, went to Paul Mason @sociocerebral at Taronga Zoo. This video was also a favourite of the ANSA executive, who said, 'Love the zoo setting, funny, engaging, intelligent, and nice message. Nice take on Anthropology using the zoo as an analogy. A touch of the "Steve Irwin" about it, in a subtle, intelligent way.' Congratulations to Paul Mason!