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Membership Categories

There are two categories of Society membership: Fellow and General. Applications for membership should be made at the highest level for which the applicant is eligible.

Fellow Membership

To be a Fellow of the Society you will have successfully completed a PhD degree in anthropology from a recognised university, or will have engaged in substantial research, teaching, writing or other professional activities that are equivalent to a PhD degree in anthropology.

Fellows are eligible to nominate for election to all positions on the Executive Committee. Only Fellows may hold office as President, President Elect, President Emeritus, or Secretary of the Society. Fellows may attend the Annual General Meeting and vote in Society ballots and elections.

To apply you will need:
  • A copy of your current resume
  • Degree certificates or transcripts demonstrating the attainment of a PhD in anthropology, OR
  • A statement and supporting documents that you have engaged in professional activities equivalent to a PhD degree in anthropology

General Membership

General membership is open to anyone with an interest in anthropology and a commitment to furthering the objectives of the Australian Anthropological Society. A formal qualification in anthropology is not required for this membership type. If you are a PhD student you should apply for General membership first, and then upgrade to Fellow when your degree is attained.

General members of the Society are eligible to nominate for election to the Executive Committee as Ordinary Directors or Treasurer only. General members may attend the Annual General Meeting and vote in Society ballots and elections.

Membership Fees

Application Fee

A $20 application fee applies to new member applications.

Annual Membership Fee

Members of the Society pay an annual membership fee, the amount of which is tiered to member category and financial status. The current fees are detailed in the table below (all prices are GST inclusive). Fellow and General members may apply for the concession rate if they are a full-time student, part-time or under-employed, a pensioner or retired. All members will be sent a renewal notice in advance of July 1st and are asked to ensure their renewal is completed and paid in a timely fashion.

Please note that Society membership is considered to be ongoing. Unless a member cancels their membership they can expect to receive an annual renewal notice (and subsequent reminders) as per above (other cases for cessation of membership are detailed in the Constitution). Members who don't renew their membership fees will cease to receive member benefits, and after one financial year their membership will be considered 'lapsed' and be deactivated.

Membership fees for 2020/21 (all prices are GST inclusive)*

Minimum Fee Optional add-on: TAJA print subscription^ Maximum Fee

Fellow 242 27.50 269.50
General 198 27.50 225.50
Fellow Concession 90 15.95 105.95
General Concession 90 15.95 105.95

*Under Section 10 of the Constitution, once set, the annual membership fee can be increased annually in line with CPI.

^With the TAJA print subscription you will receive three issues of The Australian Journal of Anthropology (TAJA) per financial year