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AAS Social Media | Call for Contributions

Published on 12/31/2020

Ongoing call for contributions to the AAS Twitter and Instagram feeds

The AAS has been building its social media presence via Twitter @aus_anth and Instagram @australiananthropology.

Our aim is to post pictures and information showing what Australian anthropologists are doing, announce awards and publications, and anything else that we can do to promote the work of Australian anthropology and AAS members.

If you have a picture to share and/or a story to tell, we'd love to post it. Tell us about a new book or article, tell us a story about your fieldwork, or comment on a news item or current event. Send both Twitter and Instagram contributions to

  • Twitter contributions - please organise your text around the character limitations on Twitter (no more than 280 characters) whether for a single post or a thread, and include any hashtags, image files or urls for the post.
  • Instagram contributions - please send a photo and caption (which can be up to 2000 characters) along with any links and hashtags for the post.

In all cases, please confirm that you own the copyright of any image or have permission to post someone else's image (and, of course, credit the photographer).

Also be aware that we will be cross-posting content across platforms and will also include links to social media content in the Monthly e-Bulletin. If you have any preferences with regards to this - e.g. prefer content to be posted only on Twitter and not Instagram, or visa versa - then please let us know in advance.